Terms & Conditions & Refund Policy

1. You have to join this system on your own free will, don’t join under any pressure or threats. Because after joining the system, you yourself will be responsible for any kind of profit or loss, neither your senior nor the system will be responsible.

2. There will be no return or refund of any products after purchasing, in special circumstances sealed packed product can be returned before the first closing after joining.

3. It will be mandatory for all the customers/partners included in the system to follow all the terms and conditions of the system. You will also have to follow the terms and conditions that will be implemented in future also. No one will have the right to form any kind of unity or union and protest against the system or hold any demonstration against any particular person.

4. In case of any abusive behaviour against any particular person involved in the system or against the system or disrupting the fuctioning of the system or causing any kind of damage to the system, your membership/ ID will be canceled parmanently and necessary legal action will be taken against you and fine may also be levied.